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Our Identity, Purpose, and Goals

PURPOSE:  We seek to bolster and reaffirm the values of the historic family structure. We will do this by erecting large (9’ or 3m) bronze statues of united families in countries throughout the world.  We believe the presence of these monuments will inspire and strengthen local citizens to build up strong families and consequently strengthen their own country.

We attest to the need for this emphasis. From the industrial city to the primitive village, we have seen the need to inspire and elevate the concept of family.  The traditional family made up of children presided over by nurturing parents--an exemplary father and a loving mother—not only provides the building block of societies, but transmits beloved cultural values and necessary ethical training into the future.

THE NEED:  Our experiences have occasioned these views.  We have lived and taught in China and in Russia.  In addition, we have experience living and working in Somalia.  In our own country, we have taught on the Navajo Reservation and in an Eskimo village in Alaska.  These experiences have awakened our awareness of the need for worldwide recommitment to the strengthening of the family.  

Although wonderful, wholesome families exist in the localities named, often families are ravaged by alcohol and infidelity.  Frequently the father is displaced, leaving a single mother to work and raise the children. This can be difficult and even tragic for those involved, but worst of all, the pattern perpetuates itself into future generations.  Our hope is that young citizens might see a better way in the ideal presented by the art in their midst. We don’t exclude our own country from those that need encouragement. 


STATUE:  We have chosen the medium of art because it can speak to all ages.  Art teaches without preaching. Art inspires without pressuring, encourages without making demands.  In the case of public statues, it is ever-present, inviting the viewer to come to it without intruding on the viewer.

We intend to place an outdoor 9’or 3m bronze multi-figure statue depicting a family that represents the best of local culture--a father, mother and three children united as they step into the future but carrying with them relics and signs of their rich cultural past, i.e., for Russia a balalaika.  We hope this will stand as inspiration and give hope to the citizens of that state, thereby strengthening families of the present and future. The bronze is chosen for durability in the severest weather.  

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