Michael Aaron Hall

Michael Aaron Hall.jpg

Michael Aaron Hall, an award winning artist, has extensive experience in sculptures, bronze statues, and memorials. His works of art are full of beauty and meaning to people from all walks of life.


Hall has a deep connection and love for the Russian people and will be traveling to Saratov and Yekaterinburg in May. He will be lecturing at a museum in Saratov and work with children as a part of lessons and lectures he will give.

Another key part of his trip will be to check out factories and sculptors who might be interested in this project and availability, establishing a strong Russian partnership. Our friend, Anatolyi Teschenko is meeting people and working through the immediate resources in Yekaterinburg and preparing for Hall's trip.

Sites will also be considered for a foundry and working studio, along with possible locations for the finished family statue.

**Check back for more updates soon!**